About Us

About Us


Mooney Motorsports is a family owned ATV, Motorcycle and Scooter Dealership that has been in business since 2005. The owner, Blane Mooney, is a US Army Veteran having served two years at Fort Campbell, KY and three years in the Panama Canal Zone (1977-1982). He has ridden motorcycles in one form or another since he was 12 years old. He raced Motocross as recently as 1998 and only retired when his knees let him down. His 6 year old son,Jackson, whom is also active in the business, races motocross and rides his ATV every chance he gets.


After the Army, Blane completed his Bachelor's Degree from Troy University (in Alabama) and later, an MBA from Auburn University. Blane's unique education and experiences have taught him to be the ultimate entrepreneur. In fact, in 1996, Blane and his manufacturing business (Georgia Paper Tube), were recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the fastest growing enterprises in America. Blane sold that business in 2001 for a tidy profit.


Blane handles the overall management and philosophy of the company while his wife, Jennifer, also a motorcycle rider, handles much of the day to day administrative tasks and most of the sales activities.  You may see Jackson in online videos and in much of our print advertising.  He is truly an ambassador for the family business.


Unlike most other independent scooter/ATV shops, Mooney Motorsports carries a huge inventory of parts and accessories and has a fully staffed service department that is open five days per week. 


Here at Mooney Motorsports, we sell new and used scooters, ATVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles, and go karts. We also buy used scooters, ATVs and motorcycles so don't hesitate to bring one by for an offer. And yes, we will entertain trades for motor vehicles of almost any kind. However, we only buy and trade for unencumbered units. In other words, there must be no lien on the unit, and the seller must possess clear title.


We pride ourselves not only on providing a decent quality product for the price, but in providing excellent customer service (before and after the sale).  I will be the first to admit, our new Chinese products (ATVs and Scooters) are not on the same level as the Japanese and Italian models.  But at a fraction of the price, the value per dollar spent, is far superior.  If you want a scooter to last 10-15 years, go ahead and spend $3000 for a Japanese model, but if your need is for say, 5 years, spend less than $1000, and take a nice vacation.


But, unlike the name brand units (Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha), a Chinese product is only as good as the assembling dealer makes it.  Over the years, we have learned how to correct many of the Chinese manufacturing inadequacies.  We know what to tighten...where to apply loctite... what to replace before it leaves the showroom., and most importantly,how to keep the units running correctly.  This is how we are to maintain a 4+ rating on Google.  Unfortunately, when we do fall short, it is usually from unrealistic customer expectations and/or our inability to realize our product is not right for that given customer.   And for that, we take responsibility.  But we learn from those encounters and strive to not have a reoccurrence of the same type of transactions.  In fact, we will refuse to sell to a customer if the fit isn't right.  As much as we love a sale, we won't put someone in danger, or sell something that will fail due to their intended use. 



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