Layaway Program


LAYAWAY PROGRAM  90 Days    25% down     January through September


When we do lay-away, we take the actual unit you are purchasing and lock it up in our warehouse next door.  Don't be fooled by dealerships taking your lay-away money and not possessing the unit.  Availability and pricing can change and leave you without your unit (or the dealer asking for more money), at pickup time.

Effective immediately, all layaway purchases from January thru August of each year will only require a 25% (1/4) downpayment, and the remaining 75% broken into an additional 3 monthly payments starting 30 days from lay-away.

Example:  $1200 purchase (INCLUDING TAXES).

$300 due immediately, $300 in 30 days, $300 thirty more days (60 days from purchase), and the final $300 at pickup (or another 30 days {90 days from original lay-away), whichever occurs first}.  

Note:  This is a 90 day lay-away program and all payments are non-refundable.  As we get past the month of September, the program will revert to a 60 day program as shown below.


CHRISTMAS LAYAWAY   60 Days    One-Third Down   October through December


Resuming in October of each year, our modified XMAS lay-away program is as follows:

Any new unit can be put on layaway with as little as one third down and two remaining payments of one-third in 30 and the remainder at 60 days.

  • E.g., $999 total purchase
  • $333 down at time of layaway (for example. Oct 5)
  • $333 due in 30 days (e.g. Nov. 5)
  • Final balance in another 30 days (e.g. Dec 5)
  • Note this is a 60-day program and all payments are non-refundable.